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travel vaccines

Travel Immunizations are the shots travellers can get before visiting certain areas of the world to help protect them from developing serious diseases.

Travel vaccines work by exposing the body to small (usually inactive) parts of the germ that can cause the actual disease.  The body, once exposed, can develop protective antibodies that help protect it when actual disease exposure occurs.

Side effects and risks for each vaccine differ but are generally minimal.  They will however be discussed in detail by out travel staff when you come in for your Travel consultation.

Travel vaccines are generally divided into ROUTINE, RECOMMENDED and REQUIRED.

ROUTINE Vaccines are those recommended for both Adults and Children by the Public Health Agency of Canada.  Many adult travellers are behind on booster doses of routine vaccinations such as Tetanus.  It also is an opportunity for our staff to catch up on any missed primary vaccinations such as measles, mumps and rubella.

RECOMMENDED Vaccines are those that reflect the best protection offered when looking at a particular traveler with a specific itinerary.  These are customized for each individual by our travel clinic staff.  Often these require a few doses for optimal protection, so seeing us early in your travel planning helps us protect you better.

REQUIRED vaccines are those that certain countries or specific itineraries (ie Haaj) require.  Our travel staff will advise you if there are any entry requirements for the countries on your travel list.

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